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Non-Fiction & Informational

  • Info Books Set

    Info Books Set

    12 New Info Books!  Titles include:  Animals in the City, Level A/1 Ears, Level B/2 I Am a Cat, Level B/2 Jump! Level B/2 Just Like My Mom, Level C/4 Moo, Baa, Oink! Level B/2 Shells, Level B/2 Toes, Level C/3 We Are Pets, Level...

  • About Books Set 1

    About Books Set 1

    Contains the following 10 titles: About Bananas, About Fruit Trees, About Hot Air Balloons, About Hot Rods, About Ladybugs, About Penguins, About Pumpkins, About Rabbits, About Seeds We Eat and About Tails

  • About Books Set 2

    About Books Set 2

    Contains the following 10 titles: About Corn, About Dandelions, About Dragonflies, About Evergreens, About Hedgehogs, About How Grapes Become Raisins, About How Helicopters Help, About Slugs, About Teachers and About The Police on the Go

  • About Books Set 3

    About Books Set 3

    Contains the following 10 titles: About Arctic Foxes, About Father Animals, About Horses as Pets, About How Tadpoles Become Frogs, About Looking at X-rays, About Mudskippers, About Peas, About Pickup Trucks, About Sea Stars and About Sunflowers

  • About Books Set 4

    About Books Set 4

    Contains the following 10 titles: About Blizzards, About Homes for Birds, About How Popcorn Pops, About Hungry Brown Bears, About Hurricanes, About Lion Cubs, About Our Five Senses on the Farm, About Puffins, About Stingrays and About Tornadoes

  • About Books Set 5

    About Books Set 5

    Contains the following 10 titles: About Baby Giraffes, About Brown Pelicans, About Cobras, About Flamingos, About Moving Snow, About Porcupine Fish, About Sailboats, About Apple Trees, About Tools for School, About Venus Flytraps

  • About Books Set 6

    About Books Set 6

    Contains the following 10 titles: About a Map, About Bobcats, About Crabs, About Ducks, About Golf, About Hammerhead Sharks, About Jobs at School, About Pill Bugs, About the Sky, About Volcanoes

  • About Books Set 7

    About Books Set 7

    Contains the following 10 titles: About Camouflage, About the Desert, About Eggs, About Kittens & Pups, About Reindeer, About the Swamp, About Warthogs, About Who Is Hiding in the Sand, About Who Lives in a Hole, About Wool

  • Animals in Danger

    Animals in Danger

    Contains the following 10 titles: The African Elephant, The Bengal Tiger, The Giant Panda, The Great White Shark, The Humpback Whale, The Leatherback Sea Turtle, The Manatee, The Polar Bear, The Spotted Owl, The White Rhino

  • Historical Stories

    Historical Stories

    Informational stories based on true historical facts! Contains the following 6 titles: The Story of Potato Chips, Tad's Turkey, Calamity Jane and the Runaway Coach, Old Whiskers, Good Dog, Laddie Boy, and Teddy and the Bear