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Teacher Resources Downloads

We are pleased to offer teacher resources for all our books! Each teacher resource contains a a lesson plan, reading activity page, and oral reading assessment.  Teacher resources are available for download for single books and sets.  They are also available on one easy to use CD! 
Our Teacher Resources CD is available for $27.50. The CD contains a lesson plan, reading activity page, and oral reading assessment for the 340 RR Books in our 2017-2018 school catalog!  For more information, or to purchase a CD, please click here.
To purchase a teacher resource download for a single book or a set, please browse our selection of books.  When viewing a book or a set of books, select the “teacher resource” option to purchase the teacher resources.
Within 24 hours of placing an order, you will you will receive an email with an invoice. The invoice contains a password to unlock the resources below. Passwords can also be found on the packing slip included with your book order.  Please note the order confirmation email that is automatically generated after placing on order online does not contain the passwords. 
To download the resources, scroll down to find the resources desired or use Ctrl+F to search by key word.  Then, click on the green link and you will be prompted for the password. The download requires Adobe Reader to open.
Teacher resources are complimentary with any purchase of a 6-pack Set (sorry, not for individual 6-pack titles).  Sorry, we do not have teacher resources for the Oxford titles.  We are more than happy to help if you have any questions or need assistance downloading the resources.  Please do not hesitate to email us at for assistance!

Sample Teacher Resource

ABC Letter Books Activity Pages

About Books - Collection 1 - Non-Fiction

About Books - Collection 2 - Non-Fiction

About Books - Collection 3 - Non-Fiction

About Books - Collection 4 - Non-Fiction

About Books - Collection 5 - Non-Fiction

About Books - Collection 6 - Non-Fiction

About Books - Collection 7 - Non-Fiction

Animals in Danger

Info Books - Set 1

Informational Book Pack

Leveled Set A

Leveled Set A - Volume 2

Leveled Set B

Leveled Set B - Volume 2

Leveled Set C

Leveled Set C - Volume 2

Leveled Set D

Leveled Set D - Volume 2

Leveled Set E

Leveled Set E - Volume 2

Leveled Set F

Leveled Set G

Leveled Set H

Leveled Set IJ

Leveled Set K

Leveled Set IJK

Sampler Set

Singles Package - Set 1

Singles Package - Set 2

Singles Package - Set 3

Singles Package - Set 4

Singles Package - Set 5

Singles Package - Set 6

Singles Package - Set 7

Singles Package - Set 8

Singles Package - Set 9

Singles Package - Set 10

Singles Package - Set 11

Singles Package - Set 12

Singles Package - Set 14

Singles Package - Set 15

The Animal Coverings Set

The Big Spider Set

The Carl Set

The Cars Set

The Duckbert Set

The Farm Friends Set

The Folktales and Fables Set

The Frogs Set

The Gus Set

The Holly Set

The Ketchup and Mustard Set

The Pirate Trilogy

Theme Pack - Animal Favorites

Theme Pack - Bens Family

Theme Pack - Cats and Dogs

Theme Pack - Nature Narratives

Theme Pack - On the Go

Theme Pack-Historical Stories

Theme Pack-Tales with a Twist

Theme Pack-Upper Level Non-Fiction

A Bald Eagle Goes Fishing

A Cat and a Dog Go into Space

A Cat and a Dog Have Lunch

A Day in Africa

A Flower for a Bee

A Friend for Jellyfish

A Garden is Fun

A Good Hat for a Cat

A Horse Can

A House for Squirrel

A Little Crab in Big Trouble

A Little Fawn Grows Up

A Look in the Rainforest

A New Home

A New Pet

A Turtle in the Sun

A Walk in the Woods

A Walk with Dad

A Week of Treats

A Week Without Video Games

About a Map

About Apple Trees

About Arctic Foxes

About Baby Giraffes

About Bananas

About Blizzards

About Bobcats

About Brown Pelicans

About Camouflage

About Cobras

About Corn

About Crabs

About Dandelions

About Dragonflies

About Ducks

About Eggs

About Evergreens

About Father Animals

About Flamingos

About Forest Babies

About Fruit Trees

About Golf

About Hammerhead Sharks

About Hedgehogs

About Homes for Birds

About Horses as Pets

About Hot Air Balloons

About Hot Rods

About How Grapes Become Raisins

About How Helicopters Help

About How Popcorn Pops

About How Tadpoles Become Frogs

About Hungry Brown Bears

About Hurricanes

About Jobs at School

About Kittens and Pups

About Ladybugs

About Lion Cubs

About Looking at X-rays

About Moving Snow

About Mudskippers

About Our Five Senses on the Farm

About Peas

About Penguins

About Pickup Trucks

About Pill Bugs

About Porcupine Fish

About Puffins

About Pumpkins

About Rabbits

About Reindeer

About Sailboats

About Sea Stars

About Seeds We Eat

About Slugs

About Stingrays

About Sunflowers

About Tails

About Teachers

About The Desert

About The Police on the Go

About The Sky

About The Swamp

About Tools for School

About Tornadoes

About Venus Flytraps

About Volcanoes

About Warthogs

About Who Is Hiding in the Sand

About Who Lives in a Hole

About Wool


Am I a Snake

Animals in the City

Anton's Short Pants

Baby Monster Can't Sleep

Baby Zebra Helps Out


Bedtime for Carl

Beetle and Snail Have a Race

Ben's Bike

Ben's Boots

Ben's First Words

Big and Little Little and Big

Black Rat Snakes


Breakfast for Us

Breakfast with Zook


Bug Eyes

Bugs in My Backyard



Calamity Jane and the Runaway Coach

Can Dogs Talk

Can Pup Read

Can We Be Friends

Catch the Spider

Cats in Costumes

Clouds Tell the Weather

Clownfish Goes for a Swim

Come Here, Big Cat


Cow's Bad Dream

Dad's Favorite Tie

Dad's Hamburger

Dog Food

Don't Go in the Snow

Don't Look Up

Dont Slip!

Down in the Sea

Dressed Up Dogs

Duckbert and the Bug Hunt

Duckbert and the Wild Goose Chase

Duckbert Goes South


Eating Green

Eating Mud




Fall Colors

Farm Feet



Fishy Names

Flowers Like Worms


Four for Tea

Friends on Earth

Frog Fun

Frogs on a Log

Fruit for Fly

Fun with Balls!

Funny Ways to Sleep


Go Bird

Going By

Good Dog, Laddie Boy

Green in the Trees

Green Sea Turtles

Gus and the Copycat

Gus and the Snow

Gus and the Turkey

Gus Goes for a Ride

Gus Goes to the Beach

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Dogs

Holly and the Blue Jay

Holly's Messy Room

Holly's Old Clothes

How Beetle Got Her Beautiful Coat


I Am a Cat

I Can Mix Colors

I Like to Have Fun!

I Love My Family

I See Bugs




Just Like My Mom



Little Peep's Birdhouse

Look at the Mud

Look at What I Can Do!

Look at Zook

Look for It!

Look Up!

Look Who's at the Zoo!

Look Who's Eating

Look, Gus!

Looking at Fish

Louis Is Hungry

Lunch for Carl

Mad Pig, Sad Pig

Making a Friend

Mmm, Apples!

Mom Can't Sleep

Mom's Bad Hair Day

Moo, Baa, Oink


More Food for the Big Cat

More Pepper for Carl

Mother Animals

Mr. Koob Loves to Read

Mr. Mustard Man and the Pretzel Problem

Muddy Pig, Clean Pig

My Apple Tree

My Favorite Fruit

My Fly

My Little Toys

My School Lunch

No Snow Toys

Oh, No! Ladybug, Go!

Old Whiskers

On and Off the Road

Out of Gas!

Peas Are Good

Pets for Us

Picking a Pumpkin

Pickles Are Great!

Pig Food


Pizza for Carl

Play with Me



Presents for Mom

Puppies Can Play

Red Apples for Me

Red-eyed Tree Frogs

Robins in the Spring

Round Around Us


Sea Turtles in the Sand






Snowy Owls


Soda Pop


Spider's Dinner


Spring Is Coming!

Sss! Snakes!

Steelhead Trout

Stop and Go!

Stuck in the Muck

Summer Fun

Sunny or Cloudy

T.V. for Carl

Tad's Turkey


Teddy and the Bear

Tess and the Waves

That Cat!

The African Elephant

The Ants' Picnic

The Archerfish

The Baby is Up!

The Bad Kitten

The Ball Hog

The Bengal Tiger

The Big Cat

The Big Hungry Cat

The Big Slide

The Big Spider Goes to School

The Big Strawberry

The Birthday Gift

The Blue Jay

The Boat

The Boy Who Cried Nurse

The Box Turtle

The Castle

The Cave

The Chameleon

The Chase

The Crow and the Pitcher

The Downhill Race

The Fire Truck

The Fox, the Crow, and the Cheese

The Fox, the Goat, and the Well

The Giant Panda

The Gingerbread House

The Great White Shark

The Grumpy Troll and the Three Billy Goats

The Gumball

The Happy Moon

The Heron and the Fish

The Hole in Ben's Bear

The Hot Desert Sun

The Humpback Whale

The Hungry Chameleon

The Hungry Little Birds

The Jar

The Ketchup King and Mr. Mustard Man

The Ketchup King and Mr. Mustard Man Save the Barbecue

The Ketchup King and the Meatloaf Cover-up

The Kitten Is Out!

The Last Gosling

The Last Gosling Is Missing!

The Leatherback Sea Turtle

The Little Acorn

The Little Boat

The Little Red Hen Goes to School

The Little Sprout

The Log

The Lonely Scarecrow

The Loon Chick

The Magic Hat

The Manatee

The Map

The Mixed-up Shoes

The Most Beautiful Tree

The Muddy Car

The Mudskipper

The Party

The Petting Farm

The Picnic

The Pirate

The Polar Bear

The Pond

The Race

The Salad

The Sea

The Shopping Cart

The Shortcut

The Spotted Owl

The Story of Potato Chips

The Three Bears' Bakery

The Turtle Race

The Uphill Race

The Watering Hole

The White Rhino

The White-tailed Deer

The White, White Snow

The Wood Ducks

The Worm Book

This Is a Family

Time to Wake Up!

Timmy Triangle in Square Park



Too Big to Play

Too Cold

Too Many Cookies

Trouble in a Tree


Up and Down on the Playground

Vegetable Soup

We Are Pets

We Go in the Snow

We Like Fruit

We Like the Beach

We Love Pets

We Ride

We See the City

What Bird Am I

What Can Bugs Do

What Do Blue Bears Eat

What Do Cats Like

What Do You See in the Stars

What Is Inside Me

What Is My Name

What Will Duckbert Eat?

What Tigers Do

When I Grow Up

Where Are the Carrots

Where Can Louis Sleep

Where Is a Bear

Where is Baby Lamb

Where Is Ben's Red Car

Where Is the Barn Owl Going

Where Is the Big Cat

Where is the Ladybug Going

Who Can Wiggle

Who Goes in the Water

Who Has a Hump

Who Likes Grass

Who Will Dance with Porcupine?

Who Will Wake Up the Farm

Why Bear Has a Short Tail

Why Evergreen Trees Are Green All Year

Why Heather Has Purple Flowers

Wild Turkeys


Wolf Spiders

Woolly the Caterpillar

Wow! Look at the Noses

Yellow Flowers

Yum, Yum!

Zook Goes to the Farm