Books for First Grade! Featured Set

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Featured set of books for first grade!  Contains the following 20 titles: 

Anteaters, Level H/13

Beetle and Snail Find a Tomato, Level G/11

Beetle and Snail Plant Lettuce, Level F/10

Big Red Riding Hood, Level F/10

The Boat Ride, Level F/10

The Bored Toothbrush, Level G/12

Bugs on the Run, Level F/10

Camels, Level G/12

Duckbert and the Pond, Level E/8

The Emperor's New Guitar, Level G/12

A Little Beaver Builds a Home, Level F/10 

A Little Beaver Makes a Pond, Level E/8

The Little Rocket That Could, Level E/8

Pepper, Level H/14

Potatoes, Level F/10

Sheep's Caps and Coats, Level F/10

Sloths, Level G/12

A Spiderling Goes Ballooning, Level H/14

Woodpeckers, Level G/12

The Zucchini Man, Level F/10